ShuffieldLowman served as legal counsel for the Ridgecrest Foundation during their acquisition of the Ridgecrest Conference Center, Camp Crestridge for Girls, and Camp Ridgecrest for Boys from LifeWay Christian Resources.

The newly formed Ridgecrest Foundation is an independent, nonprofit ministry created by individuals who are passionate about the mission of the conference center and camps and are committed to supporting the ongoing ministries of Ridgecrest. You can view the full press release HERE.

The ShuffieldLowman team that advised the Ridgecrest Foundation included firm president, William Lowman, and partner, Jason Davis.

How will the new normal of Covid-19 affect our culture? It’s hard to know but we should focus on what we can control. External factors are hard to control but internal factors such as communication are within our control, and it helps us form our new normal for our organization. The current situation is really an opportunity for a culture shift or a refinement.

How can you protect business continuity if you get Covid-19 or someone else in your organization gets sick? From a legal prospective, review your governing documents, do you have a board structure in place, are you meeting regularly, who has authority to make day to day decisions made in the ordinary course of business in your absence? You need one or more key people who will also know the ropes and can work in your absence understanding both the big picture and processing management skills. Granting them management authority before illness happens will help them understand how to serve in this role and the work force will recognize their authority. Identify key staff and make sure they have trained someone in their department on taking on their role in the event of illness or absence.

Navigating a global pandemic is tough enough to do, more so when there are direct impacts on our day-to-day businesses. However, the silver lining when going through something like COVID-19 is the enormous amount of intelligence and insight we gain. We can’t predict the future but we can position our people and company to be ready when the time comes. Create a crisis recovery and contingency plan and encourage feedback from external and internal sources. Continue exploring the benefits of having remote workers, and consider revisiting your strategic plan to ensure you have the capital, management team and goals in alignment.