Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)Attorneys Serving Central Florida

Protection, privacy, and proper compensation are growing areas of need for student-athletes, professional athletes, influencers, and even businesses in the media spotlight.  Those with independent or collectively identifiable aspects that make them unique, including but not limited to their name, image, likeness, nickname, signature, social media account, any symbol, name, or design that readily identifies them, or any combination, are often in need of help protecting their “rights of publicity.”

For student-athletes, understanding the relatively new NCAA eligibility and compliance requirements can be daunting.  In addition to NCAA rules, individual colleges and universities have their own requirements, and there are often even more restrictions under some state laws.  ShuffieldLowman serves as a trusted advisor to student-athletes and their families to help them make the best possible and often life-changing decisions for their future.

The NIL attorneys at ShuffieldLowman bring media, tax, business, litigation, and intellectual property experience, providing full-service legal support for clients.  This includes contract negotiations and review, monetizing opportunities, complying with rules and regulations, drafting and reviewing business documents, and interfacing with business partners and third parties.