Our litigators can handle your litigation and conflict resolution needs, whether you need a full legal team to fight for your firm in high-stakes complex litigation or just an experienced litigator to advise you. Our lawyers frequently appear before federal and state trial and appellate courts, as well as commissions, boards, and other regulatory and administrative bodies. We provide strategic advice on all elements of litigation, from discovery, pretrial, and trial proceedings in lawsuits to post-trial remedies and appellate court review, as well as mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.


Bankruptcy & Creditors’ Rights

Our attorneys are skilled and experienced at handling bankruptcies, troubled loans, debt restructurings, workouts, foreclosures and resolving disputes on behalf of creditors. We understand the interworking of complex credit transactions, whether resulting from a real estate transaction, commercial loan, corporate finance facility, merger or acquisition, or other sophisticated commercial transaction.

When necessary, our experienced group of litigation attorneys also represents clients in all aspects of the litigation process, including strategic decisions under the credit facility documentation, alternative dispute options, pre-judgment litigation activities, trial, and post-judgment collection actions.


Commercial & Civil Litigation

ShuffieldLowman’s strategic litigators are always prepared to take a case to trial in either state or federal court. However, our reputation as strong trial attorneys and our focus on the client’s best interests often results in a successful negotiated settlement, avoiding court trials when possible. Our team collaborates with clients on all aspects of the litigation process and words to provide cost-effective legal services. The litigation section’s particular areas of expertise include:

The team is also experienced in appellate work in state and federal court. In addition, our attorneys regularly counsel clients on actions necessary to avoid future litigation. 

The accomplished attorneys on our litigation team are frequently ranked and recognized in organizations such as Best Lawyers in America®, Super Lawyers, and Legal Elite.


Fiduciary Litigation (Probate, Wills, & Trusts Disputes) 

The firm’s attorneys have significant experience guiding parties in cases concerning the administration and disposition of wills, trusts, estates, and guardianships, and have a thorough understanding of fiduciary law.

When a dispute arises, we work on behalf of our clients to reach an agreement that best serves their interests. We are aggressive in defending those same interests in court if litigation is required. Our lawyers provide thoughtful advice that considers not just the immediate situation at hand, but also the long-term consequences of decisions involving fiduciary responsibilities.


Mediation/Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services are provided by ShuffieldLowman’s mediators and arbitrators in a variety of fields. Our ADR experts have extensive experience in a wide range of conflicts, including a long track record of facilitating conflict resolution agreements. When issues emerge, mediation is a popular option, and our attorneys are capable of handling most types of disputes. Mediation and arbitration, unlike a public trial, provide for anonymity and give the parties involved discretion over the case’s result rather than leaving it to a judge and jury. Most importantly, mediation and arbitration help all parties involved save time and money.


Residential Real Estate Disputes

If you’re involved in a real estate or property dispute in Florida, it’s vital that you hire an attorney who is well-versed in all elements of the state’s property laws. The majority of residential real estate lawsuits involve alleged breaches of the purchase or sales agreement, omissions to disclose hidden issues, or seller misrepresentations. For home buyers in Florida, there are various legal safeguards in place. However, there are frequently factual disagreements over what a buyer actually knew about a property or what a seller actually disclosed about problems or defects. Our firm employs its real estate law expertise as well as its litigation experience to provide you every possible advantage.

Litigation Attorneys

Maytel Sorondo Bonham Senior Counsel Associate
Stephanie L. Cook Partner
Nicole R. Copsidas Senior Associate Associate
Alexander S. Douglas II Partner
Matt G. Firestone Partner
Lori N. Hagan Senior Counsel Associate
Catherine P. Hanna Senior Counsel Associate
Keith J. Hesse Partner
Paul T. Hinckley Senior Counsel Associate
J. Stephen McDonald Partner
Megan J. Nowicki Associate
Jennifer Reed Senior Associate Associate
Lane E. Roesch Senior Counsel Associate
Robert Clayton Roesch Partner
John M. Vernaglia Associate
Ryan J. Vescio Senior Associate Associate