ShuffieldLowman’s technology lawyers are committed to providing strategic legal advice and litigation support. When technology-related challenges develop, our team offers guidance to help our clients. We assist in disputes involving cybersecurity and cyber-fraud, as well as website compliance and accessibility issues.


Website Compliance 

ADA website compliance litigation is surprisingly common. Many businesses are shocked to learn that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which was intended to protect persons with disabilities in public places, also applies to websites and other digital platforms, such as mobile sites and mobile applications. The ADA’s application to online places of accommodation ensures that people with disabilities (blindness/low vision, deafness/hearing loss, limited mobility, etc.) have equal access to online material and services.

Our technology attorneys take the appropriate measures to tackle compliance issues, allowing clients to focus more on operating their businesses by resolving the problem quickly and appropriately. 



Cybersecurity is a big concern for every company and government agency. To safeguard their networks and data and respond to cyber-attacks, financial institutions, governmental agencies, business boards, general counsel, executives, and managers must adopt rules and procedures. Businesses and governments must also adhere to increasingly complex state and federal data security and incident response standards. Litigation risk, particularly class actions, is a constant and growing concern.

To satisfy our clients’ multi-faceted demands, our cybersecurity attorneys combine litigation, regulatory, crisis management, and technical skills. Our team has the expertise to assist clients in solving problems, whether it’s assessing and reducing network security risk, transferring liability to insurers or third parties, or responding to a suspected breach.

Technology Attorneys

 Jason A. Davis
Jason A. Davis Partner
 Julia D. Dennis
Julia D. Dennis Partner
 Keith J. Hesse
Keith J. Hesse Partner
 Ryan J. Vescio
Ryan J. Vescio Senior Associate Associate