License Agreements
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When an individual or company creates a new intellectual property, they have the right to protect it by preventing others from exploiting or profiting from it. Unless a License has been negotiated to transfer rights and turn what would be considered “infringement” into a permissible use, anyone who uses the new intellectual property is liable for infringement. 

At ShuffieldLowman, our Florida intellectual property attorneys have extensive experience negotiating and designing licensing agreements that safeguard a company’s intellectual property while also increasing revenue. Our attorneys are skilled in all aspects of intellectual property and technology licensing, including the use of “shrink-wrap” and “click-wrap” agreements. Hundreds of OEM licenses, patent licenses, trademark licenses, and copyright licenses have been created and negotiated by our team. We have office locations in Orlando, Lake Nona, Tavares, DeLand, and Port Orange, Florida. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.