Non-Profit Law Attorneys Serving Central Florida

Our attorneys assist non-profit clients with entity formation, control, and operation, tax, government relations, financing, contracts, transactional assistance, real estate, labor, intellectual property, and litigation.

We guide clients in choosing the best initial structure for their charity, defining their exempt purpose, reviewing operations and their compliance with applicable laws governing tax-exempt organizations, and designing overall board structure and succession plan.  For the structure, we provide guidance on whether private foundation or public charity status is better suited for our client’s goals.  Additionally, we help with preparing the application for tax-exempt status and design of the tax-exempt purposes of the organization. 

We also provide counsel to our clients regarding permissible transactions that may be engaged in by a charity as well as the general operations of the charity.  In addition to the federal tax-exempt body of law, we also provide advice related to complying with state law requirements such as registering to raise and solicit public funds and applying for tax-exempt status as to any state tax liability.

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