Intellectual Property
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Our fast-paced, electronic society has only heightened the need to protect valuable corporate images, brands, and trademarks from being copied, stolen, or misused. The firm understands the increased difficulty of protecting intellectual investments and offers innovative solutions to the problems that arise from the rapid progress of technology. This encompasses emerging legal issues in all facets of digital business enterprise, such as computer and software technology, outsourcing arrangements, electronic commerce, electronic publishing, and digital entertainment.

Additionally, our expert acts as counsel to creators and users of intellectual properties by establishing protective measures to maximize investments, licenses, and agreements, including when not to register trademarks. This also encompasses working with creators on building their brand and business.

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Website Terms of Use

Terms of service for a website are agreements between the website’s owner and its visitors. If you own a website, having solid terms and conditions and a binding consent process is one of the easiest methods to decrease the danger of legal conflicts with your visitors. With the firm’s extensive litigation experience, we can establish terms and conditions that significantly limit litigation risks, including the potential of class action lawsuits.