Local Government Law

The firm’s land use and government law department are part of a team of attorneys that provides transactional, governmental relations and litigation services. Our experience includes land use, zoning and subdivision approvals, licensing and permits, and environmental review, among other aspects of the development and construction process. The firm has also worked with state and local governments, as well as quasi-governmental boards, in a variety of capacities.

We also submit and defend bid objections, contract performance, and claims resolutions, as well as negotiate contract clauses and changes, Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs) and claims, non-disclosure agreements, software, and technical data licensing, descopes and terminations.

We assist clients in related litigation, such as audits, suspension and debarment proceedings, the bid protest process, and other federal compliance and regulatory investigations, when contract problems emerge.

Public Procurement

Our government lawyers know how to get things done for their clients, especially when it comes to commercial and non-commercial procurement matters for supplies and services. We help our clients prepare and submit bids and requests for proposals, as well as procurements using GSA schedules and the competitive source-selection process.

Local Government Law Attorneys

 Scott A. Cookson
Scott A. Cookson Partner
 Robin Gibson Drage
Robin Gibson Drage Senior Counsel Associate
 Mary Doty Solik
Mary Doty Solik Of Counsel