Trust Litigation

Trust disputes frequently involve more than just money; they can sever families and impede a personal representative’s or trustee’s ability to administer the estate or trust.

Our Trust Litigation team devises innovative solutions to avoid protracted litigation, keep costs under control, and preserve family relationships. When proceedings become adversarial, our attorneys combine their in-depth understanding of trust law with our litigation experience to vigorously protect and advance our clients’ interests in order to resolve disputes.

Trust Litigation Attorneys

 Stephanie L. Cook
Stephanie L. Cook Partner
 Nicole R. Copsidas
Nicole R. Copsidas Senior Associate Associate
 Alexander S. Douglas II
Alexander S. Douglas II Partner
 Lori N. Hagan
Lori N. Hagan Senior Counsel Associate
 Catherine P. Hanna
Catherine P. Hanna Senior Counsel Associate
 Keith J. Hesse
Keith J. Hesse Partner
 Paul T. Hinckley
Paul T. Hinckley Senior Counsel Associate
 Megan J. Nowicki
Megan J. Nowicki Associate
 Jennifer  Reed
Jennifer Reed Senior Associate Associate
 Robert Clayton Roesch
Robert Clayton Roesch Partner
 Lane E. Roesch
Lane E. Roesch Senior Counsel Associate
 John M. Vernaglia
John M. Vernaglia Associate
 Ryan J. Vescio
Ryan J. Vescio Senior Associate Associate
 Olivia  Walker
Olivia Walker Associate