Trust Administration

When a trust is established, the trust’s founder (the “trustor”) defines how the trust’s assets will be dispersed. A trust can be created in a variety of ways, including an irrevocable trust. The trust will also name a trustee, who will be a family member or close friend, to carry out the trustor’s desires. The trustee will oversee numerous things after the trustor passes away. To comply with inheritance tax rules, trust administration covers the transfer of non-probate assets such as Trust assets, life insurance, and annuities. Our trust administration attorneys regularly assist with these issues and more.

Trust Administration Attorneys

 Raymond M. Donadio, Jr.
Raymond M. Donadio, Jr. Of Counsel
 Heidi W. Isenhart
Heidi W. Isenhart Partner
 Alyse N. Verner
Alyse N. Verner Senior Associate Associate
 Paige Hammond Wolpert
Paige Hammond Wolpert Senior Counsel Associate
 Cooper M. Powell
Cooper M. Powell Associate
 Gregory W. Meier
Gregory W. Meier Partner
 Janet E. Martinez
Janet E. Martinez Of Counsel
 William R. Lowman Jr.
William R. Lowman Jr. Partner
 Carleen A. Leffler-Nicastro
Carleen A. Leffler-Nicastro Senior Associate Associate