About Us


What started in 2003 as the collective dream of W. Charles Shuffield, William R. Lowman, Jr. and Lynne R. Wilson, has grown into a thriving full service business law firm with four offices throughout Central Florida and a unique perspective on the practice of law.  This perspective is evident in the Core Values, listed below, that were established at the firm’s inception.  Over the years, ShuffieldLowman has filled its roster with knowledgeable and committed attorneys and talented staff, who uphold these values and share the common goal of providing outstanding service to every client, evident in the breadth and depth of lifelong relationships.

Equipped to handle a wide range of business and personal legal needs, the firm’s goal has always been to help clients worry less and enjoy life more.  ShuffieldLowman and its attorneys are award-winning community leaders, recognized not only for their legal abilities, but for their service to others through charitable and pro bono work and volunteerism, ranging from positions as executive board members to coaches of Little League®.

ShuffieldLowman’s Core Values


In all matters, both great and small, we strive to pursue EXCELLENCE on a daily basis. In the practice of law, we relentlessly work to achieve the absolute best results on behalf of our clients in the fairest and most reasonable means possible. We push ourselves personally to go above and beyond what might be expected. When we reach that benchmark, we raise the bar higher.

All of our RELATIONSHIPS are rooted in genuine caring and concern. Longtime clients entrust us to serve not only themselves, but also future generations, and we do so with a deep appreciation and a profound sense of responsibility.

We pride ourselves in COMMUNICATIONS that are open, honest, and respectful. Responsiveness to our clients is a mandate we take seriously, never forgetting that people and their lives stand behind every transaction.

TEAMWORK across all of our practice areas, enables us to move forward in the best interest of our clients without the restrictions of internal competition. Teamwork also fosters an environment of mentoring, idea sharing and mutual respect. We believe our collective values greatly exceed those of ours as individuals.

At the end of each day, as we count our blessings, none are so treasured as our families, our communities and our places of worship. We strive on a continual basis to keep a healthy BALANCE of work, home and service. In our communities, we serve in heartfelt areas of need to create a better tomorrow, while seeking to return a measure of what we have received. Being a blessing to others is a measure of our success.


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