Amazon Hose & Rubber Company

Aug. 1, 2012

The year 1919 brought the end of World War I and a quick start to the U.S. economy with the creation of many new companies, including one of Central Florida’s oldest family-owned businesses, Amazon Hose & Rubber Company. Fast-forward almost 100 years and Amazon Hose & Rubber is growing stronger than ever, family-owned and run by three generations of women. With locations in Orlando, Tampa and Miami, Amazon Hose & Rubber is considered the expert on all types of hoses, hose accessories and sheet rubber. As a wholesale and retail stocking distributor, they offer industrial and hydraulic hose assemblies for a broad range of industries such as construction, automotive, marine, agriculture and transportation. In addition, Amazon Hose holds multiple MWBE certifications and is active in the community, donating to the needy everything from toys to turkeys. ShuffieldLowman, working in tandem with the accounting firm of Reponen & Company, P.A., created and implemented a plan that has transferred ownership of Amazon Hose & Rubber and its affiliates to future generations, ensuring the long term viability of the company. ShuffieldLowman also created a corporate structure for Amazon Hose & Rubber that provides maximum asset protection to the valuable real estate owned by the company and its affiliates. The firm accomplished these objectives while also ensuring that the prior generations of Amazon Hose & Rubber retain a steady and significant source of cash flow to comfortably enjoy their retirement.