City of Ocoee

Sept. 30, 2012

The history of the City of Ocoee is the stuff of movies, filled with adventure, intrigue and a very happy ending…the establishment of a vibrant city with a thriving residential and business community making it an ideal place to live, raise a family and grow a business. Founded in the mid 1850s, the settlement of Ocoee began when Dr. J. D. Starke established a village known as Starke Lake situated on the crystal clear and therapeutic body of water of the same name. After the Civil War, confederate soldiers and their families founded the town of Ocoee and gave the town its Indian name, which means “wild apricot vine place,” better known as “passion flower place.” Over the years to come, as Central Florida and Orlando continued to grow and expand, the City of Ocoee fortuitously found itself perfectly situated in the heart of Southwest Orange County. With the construction of the Florida Turnpike, the East/West Expressway and State Road 50, soon all roads were leading to Ocoee, fueling the community’s residential and business development. This economic expansion, combined with the natural appeal of the piney landscape dotted with beautiful lakes and parks around every corner, contributed to the residential draw that continues to create thriving neighborhoods today. Ocoee residents regularly come together for activities such as food truck events, farmers’ markets, parades and festivals, all organized by the City of Ocoee. And to pay homage to Dr. Starke and the city’s earliest settlers, the city established a Founders’ Day Festival 19 years ago that has grow into a two-day celebration that is highly anticipated and enjoyed by thousands of Central Floridians. This year’s event, to be held November 2-3, 2012, is expected to be the largest event ever, ShuffieldLowman is proud to have been selected by the City Commission of the City of Ocoee to represent the City in all legal matters. Scott A. Cookson has been designated City Attorney for this representation and Robin Gibson Drage has been designated Chief Assistant City Attorney. We would like to specifically thank the current City Commission for their dedication to the City and in entrusting our firm with this representation: Mayor Scott Vandergrift (elected City-wide), Commissioner Gary Hood (District 1), Commissioner Rosemary Wilsen (District 2), Commissioner Rusty Johnson (District 3) and Commissioner Joel Keller (District 4). The firm manages all legal needs of the city, spanning a wide variety of topics, including the drafting of ordinances, resolutions and agreements, bond financing, redevelopment, litigation, real estate, annexations, rezonings and land development issues and matters.