Client Spotlight: Florida Surety Bonds, Inc.

Nov. 13, 2019

Promises are really the bottom line when it comes to bonded work - promises to fulfill obligations in the event of disruptions to project completion and/or payment.  Florida Surety Bonds, Inc. has helped their clients to keep their promises for 20 years, and grown into the largest independently owned bond agency in Florida.  They enjoy a much-deserved sterling reputation, affording them the credibility and clout to provide a wide variety of customized bonds in a timely and efficient manner, delivered with outstanding service.  According to Kim Niv, Vice President/Principal, “We’re known for investing in relationships, providing continuing guidance, support and information.  Some clients have consulted with us for many years before they actually need our services, and we are happy to help them navigate the complexities of the bond system.  They know we are here for them when they need us.”

Working with businesses of all sizes, from some of the largest contractors in the state to start-up companies, Florida Surety Bonds focuses on designing the best bond program for each client, using one of their 50+ surety companies.  They have negotiated pre-approved lines of credit for clients, which means faster service.  Thanks to their bonds-only expertise, and outstanding reputation with surety companies as an ethical partner, Florida Surety Bonds has qualified for exclusive surety appointments within the State of Florida.  This gives their clients unmatched access to maximum programs and minimum rates with the most competitive conditions.  This combination of experience and market access allows the agency to help clients grow their businesses, working with them as an integral part of their team, and problem-solving as they pursue new job opportunities together.

Bonds available through Florida Surety Bonds, Inc., include contract bonds (bid, performance, and payment), commercial, civil court, and license and permit bonds.  Applying for smaller bonds is made simple with an online application tool for contractors and a helpful FAQ section of the company website.  But they invite business owners to sit down with one of their expert agents to custom craft larger programs.

Florida Surety Bonds, Inc. is proud to recommend ShuffieldLowman to clients and prospective clients when they need legal assistance, including contract review, estate planning, and dispute resolution.