Client Spotlight: Millennium Luxury Coaches

May 6, 2020
Millennium Luxury Coaches logo

As one of the top luxury coach producers in North America, Millennium Luxury Coaches sets a stellar example and a high bar when it comes to customer service, the quality of the product, and the relationship between management and employees. President and CEO Nelson Figueroa views his 93 employees as a second family, putting in the effort every morning to inquire about his employees’ families, their health, and their lives as he makes the rounds throughout his Sanford-based facility. He’s not just asking out of politeness, either – both he and his wife Lara genuinely care for their staff, even rewarding the employees’ children each year for their grades by throwing a special annual party and giving out prizes for scholastic achievement. This is a type of leadership that inspires true loyalty in his staff, a group of highly skilled tradespeople who demonstrate that dedication by taking true pride in their work across all departments from manufacturing to installation to sales and customer support. It shows, too, as Millennium Luxury Coaches has an unprecedented level of customer satisfaction throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2000, Nelson launched Millennium Luxury Coaches, starting off by building two custom coaches a year. Over the last two decades, business has skyrocketed, and he now builds as many as fifteen coaches in a year to keep up with demand. It’s a niche business beginning with the purchase of a shell vehicle from Prevost, the leading North American manufacturer of premium passenger coaches and conversion coaches for high-end motorhomes. While road-worthy, these coaches are bare bones, and that’s where Millennium steps in, working closely with their customers to fully customize the bus-sized vehicle to exacting specifications. From innovative technology such as 360-degree cameras and smart home technology that can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone to a dazzling variety of design features, colors, and options, each shell is transformed into a high-end, luxury home on wheels. Once the customer drives off the lot, Millennium provides stellar 24/7 customer service, even dispatching technicians to deliver in-person service to whichever corner of North America their customer has traveled and needs assistance.

As COVID-19 began to affect the world, Millennium shifted focus from building luxury coaches to making masks for those in need. Nelson and Lara converted their upholstery shop and purchased new machines to make as many as 200 masks a day, shipping them to places in need across the country. Employees who were staying home are pitching in too, sewing masks while they shelter in place. It’s this display of compassion combined with the innovation and adaptability that Nelson infuses in every element of Millennium Luxury Coaches that makes ShuffieldLowman proud to call them a client and work closely with them on a range of legal matters from corporate law to business development to estate planning.

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