Howard Wholesale Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Aug. 1, 2012

Thriving and vibrant, Howard Wholesale is a company positioned for growth for many years to come. With a rich and wonderful 100-year history, the company is not only well-known in the community, but also one of the oldest family-owned businesses in Central Florida.

The firm was founded in 1912 in Quincy, Florida by Julian Howard. After a few years, a second location was opened in Orlando. It did not take long for the family to realize that Orlando had the best opportunity for growth and they moved to Central Florida to be near other family members. Soon the Howard family and their business were a vital part of their community, serving local neighborhood grocers in need of all types of dry goods….even hay!

As time went on and the leadership of Howard Wholesale passed to Julian’s son, Burwell Howard, the company was faced with changing market conditions involving the transition from small, locally-owned grocery stores to major chains. Understanding the need to shift their business model, Burwell transitioned the company into the food service business, where it was perfectly positioned to service the growing restaurant, tourism, school, health center and church markets. The company remains in this business sector today with expanded offerings of dry and paper goods and refrigerated and frozen food all delivered the next day from their warehouse in Orlando.

Howard Wholesale is currently led by Julian’s grandson and Burwell’s son, Blair Howard. Following in the footsteps of his forefathers, Blair’s leadership style involves a total focus on the needs of his customers. He understands the challenges that customers face and he places emphasis on meeting their needs with fast, efficient service and quality products.

As a longtime client of ShuffieldLowman, the firm has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the Howard family, providing both estate planning and business law representation for more than two generations.