In honor of International Women’s History Month, we will be highlighting our female partners each week. Read below to learn more about SLW partner, Heidi Isenhart:

1. How long have you been at Shuffield, Lowman & Wilson? Since August of 2004. I was the 5th partner to join the firm, the 2nd woman, next to one of the founders, Lynne Wilson, Esq.

2. What drove you to become an attorney? My dad is a country lawyer in a small town in Illinois. Sometimes he got paid in canned goods or pick-up trucks full of corn, for example. Frankly, it was surprising to learn about “bad attorney” jokes when I grew older because my dad was well-respected in the community. My father had a plaque on his wall that read, “Don’t tell your daughter to marry a doctor or lawyer. Tell her to be one.” I loved to volunteer in nursing facilities when I was younger and in college. I wanted to carry on the advocacy that I witnessed for much of my life.

3. What piece of advice do you have for other women aspiring to enter the legal profession? My piece of advice is this: You cannot have it all. You make your choices but you can still be successful in your legal career and your personal family life. I don’t believe that law school traditionally prepares women for the realities of the legal profession nor its sacrifices. I love what I do every day, but it does come with a cost. Going into this profession with a clear vision is important. I am always happy to mentor young women with the realities of practice and encourage them to reach their full potential on many levels. We need to support one another.

4. Who was a female role model or inspiration to you? My mom was an inspiration. She had myself and my twin sister, Allegra, in Venezuela when she and my father were missionaries. My sister did not survive. My mom then raised me and my 3 younger siblings while my dad worked hard to build his legal career. Our family grew all of our own vegetables and hauled water when there was a drought. My mom hosted dinners and kept a positive face when I’m sure she was exhausted with keeping up with the chores of raising a family and being a part of the community. Now there is no question of the joys she felt in these roles. She is an artist and leader in the community choir to this day. I am blessed to have such good parents who sacrificed for myself and my siblings.

Heidi practices in the areas of elder law, Medicaid planning, guardianship, probate and trust administration, probate, guardianship, trust litigation, estate planning, and special needs trusts. Learn more about Heidi by visiting her attorney biography: