ShuffieldLowman Litigation Team Wins Total Summary Judgment

By ShuffieldLowman
Aug. 23, 2019
Man sitting at laptop

Congratulations to attorneys Clay Roesch and Alex Douglas, paralegal Kelly Hammond and the entire ShuffieldLowman team for winning total summary judgment on claims asserted against an estate totaling more than $550,000. The Plaintiff had asserted the estate was liable for the decedent’s alleged breach of a prenuptial agreement and failure to comply with the terms of a final judgment of divorce. Additionally, the Plaintiff had sought a declaration that the decedent was subjected to undue influence or otherwise lacked capacity. The ShuffieldLowman team was able to show that the decedent’s estate planning document complied with the requirements of the prenuptial agreement and final judgment and that there was no evidence of undue influence or lack of capacity. A great result for our client!