Fiduciaries & Trustees

The trustworthy legal advice provided by the experienced estate planning and fiduciary attorneys at the firm allow our clients to rest easy when it comes to planning for their future care or the care of a loved one. Regularly serving as fiduciaries on behalf of clients, the firm’s attorneys offer insightful and non-biased management of financial and property assets based entirely on the best interests of the client. The firm also works with clients to determine the best possible trustee to manage a trust, and then works with the trustee to better understand their duties and responsibilities. The key objective is to always honor the wishes of the estate holder in the most highly ethical way possible.


Fiduciary Litigation (Probate, Wills, & Trusts Disputes)

The firm’s attorneys have significant experience guiding parties in cases concerning the administration and disposition of wills, trusts, estates, and guardianships, and have a thorough understanding of fiduciary law.

When a dispute arises, we work on behalf of our clients to reach an agreement that best serves their interests. We are aggressive in defending those same interests in court if litigation is required. Our lawyers provide thoughtful advice that considers not just the immediate situation at hand, but also the long-term consequences of decisions involving fiduciary responsibilities.


Probate Administration

Depending on how an estate plan is set up, a Will or Trust may have to go through probate court for administration. Our team of probate attorneys are here to guide beneficiaries and fiduciaries alike to ensure a smooth transfer of assets, and ensure all parties are updated per the legal requirements of probate administration. If you need guidance through this probate administration process, contact one of our estate planning or probate attorneys.


Trust Administration

The trust’s founder (the “trustor”) determines how the trust’s assets will be distributed when it is founded. A trust, including an irrevocable trust, can be established in a variety of ways. The trust will also name a trustee to carry out the trustor’s wishes, who will be a family member or close friend. After the trustor dies, the trustee will be in charge of a variety of tasks. Trust administration involves the transfer of non-probate assets such as trust assets, life insurance, and annuities in order to comply with inheritance tax requirements. When minor children or a disabled family member are involved, a Guardianship may be necessary. Our estate planning, elder law, and probate lawyers can help you with these and other difficulties.

Fiduciaries & Trustees Attorneys

Maytel Sorondo Bonham Senior Counsel Associate
Stephanie L. Cook Partner
Nicole R. Copsidas Senior Associate Associate
Alexander S. Douglas II Partner
Lori N. Hagan Senior Counsel Associate
Catherine P. Hanna Senior Counsel Associate
Keith J. Hesse Partner
Heidi W. Isenhart Partner
J. Stephen McDonald Partner
Megan J. Nowicki Associate
Robert Clayton Roesch Partner
Alyse N. Verner Senior Associate Associate
Ryan J. Vescio Senior Associate Associate
Briana M. Whalin Associate