Commercial Real Estate

The firm’s real estate team is known for its expertise and dedication. Owners, developers, homebuilders, investors, lenders, borrowers, landlords, tenants, and others in the real estate and loan business – regardless of complexity — are represented by our highly skilled professionals. Our attorneys aid in all aspects of real estate, including purchasing, selling, land use, leasing, financing, investing, managing, and developing retail, office, and hotel buildings, subdivisions and planned communities, and industrial sites. When the need arises, we advise and represent clients in real estate related litigation, working in tandem with our commercial and civil litigation team.


Commercial Leasing 

Because commercial lease agreements are more complicated than residential lease agreements, many people engage commercial lease attorneys to help them through the process and ensure that the arrangements are mutually beneficial. The firm has a thriving commercial leasing practice that includes representing both landlords and tenants in a wide range of transactions, with extensive experience creating, reviewing, redlining, and comprehending these agreements. Our goal is to ensure fair negotiations for the space and eliminate surprises for either party once the agreement is finalized.


Commercial Development

The firm’s real estate attorneys assist in negotiating development agreements to ensure that our clients receive the necessary entitlements, permits, and land use designations. In commercial, residential, industrial, and mixed-use real estate development projects, our attorneys represent developers, landowners, and builders. Our legal team collaborates with local government officials to guarantee that the land used for real estate and development projects has the necessary permissions and zoning.


Eminent Domain

Our eminent domain attorneys have experience representing both condemning authorities and property owners, giving them unique insight into both sides of the process. Under Florida law, a condemning authority is required to provide property owners full compensation for their private property, which can only be taken for public use. Our eminent domain legal team is dedicated to protecting property owners’ rights when their land is condemned. When working with property owners, our goal is to reduce their burden as much as possible and help them receive the highest amount possible under the law. 

Once a property owner receives notice that a condemnation project will affect their property, it is important to seek legal counsel right away. Whether it is all or just a portion of your land, business, or home, our team is committed to ensuring that your property is protected, and you are compensated to the fullest extent of the law.


Production Homebuilding & Development

For new construction or development project in the works, it is important to make sure that the proper contracts and agreements are in place to protect against liability and personal costs. The firm represents homebuilders, private equity lenders, and development partners in all aspects of homebuilding and development. Our real estate attorneys assist homebuilders, master planned community developers, commercial property owners, and institutional investors in performing transactional, entitlements, and community association review of proposed site acquisition.


Land Use

Numerous federal, state, and municipal land use permit processes and transactions have been handled by our land use attorneys on behalf of development firms, individuals, and governments. From the moment a project is conceived, through financing concerns and due diligence, to project siting, agency permitting, environmental permitting, subdivision permitting, infrastructure financing, special district matters, public utilities concerns, and construction, our firm offers a team of accomplished and experienced attorneys who understand their clients’ desire to avoid delays and denials and chart a course to success. We know how land use and zoning agencies work, and that knowledge of regulatory and zoning rules aids us in the acquisition, development, sale, and litigation of real estate.


Contract Disputes

Clients frequently seek the assistance of a real estate litigation attorney to resolve contract problems. In real estate transactions, contracts are used to specify the terms, conditions, and remedies accessible to the parties. A well-written contract can help you avoid complications in the future. However, even with a carefully constructed contract, you may encounter problems. Our real estate attorneys not only help draft contracts that will stand up in court, but they also assist in negotiating with other parties and through the litigation process. When the provisions of a real estate contract have been broken, consulting an attorney is a must.


Golf & Resort Development

The real estate experts at ShuffieldLowman provide comprehensive legal advice to resort and golf development projects across the state. Our attorneys help with zoning, land use, impact fees, transportation, and infrastructure regulations, as well as financing and other development-related concerns, thanks to their considerable expertise defending developers before local, regional, and state agencies. Our attorneys’ depth of knowledge with every part of the project’s life cycle enables the firm to help create, fund, and protect projects.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Maia R. Albrecht Senior Counsel Associate
Scott A. Cookson Partner
Robin Gibson Drage Senior Counsel Associate
John P. Junod Partner
Jessica Sirianni Associate
Jeremy R. Sokol Associate
Mary Doty Solik Of Counsel
Lauren M. Wilmot Associate
Lynne R. Wilson Partner